Smooth the Way

to Your Conversations

Communicate on any platform from one chat app

Focus on Who,

Not Where

Start with a person in mind, then decide where you want to talk to them. Be that Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Skype.. you name it.

Find people across all chat platforms

Looking to chat to a specific person? Find it across all linked services and start chatting right away.

Keep your privacy to yourself

Besides the fact we never sell your data, we help block trackers and things like seen or online so you can feel cozy and safe like home. 


3 Things to Start

1. Link chat services

Login with Messenger, LinkedIn, Slack, Instagram or  other 86 services we’ve integrated with.

2. Import conversations

Choose how many of the recent chats you want imported so you can take it from where you left off.

3. Start chatting

Either select a person you’ve talked to recently or add a new person and start chatting right away.

Ready to smooth the way

to your conversations?